Comprehensive Offer of Parts for Construction Machinery

Parts for Dressta, HSW, Komatsu, CAT, LiuGong, Volvo, Terex

Reliability and Efficiency: Choose Genuine Parts from Leading Manufacturers

Dressta (Dresser)

Dresser Spare Parts: We specialize in the sale of spare Dresser parts, a key manufacturer in the construction machinery industry. We offer durable Dresser parts, ideal for working under tough conditions, which ensures long-term efficiency and reliability. Our Dresser spare parts are genuine and available for customers seeking proven solutions in the heavy equipment industry. 


HSW Parts: We supply geniune HSW parts (Huta Stalowa Wola), a leading Polish manufacturer of construction machinery. HSW parts are synonymous with reliability and durability, ideal for excavators and bulldozers operating in demanding conditions. 


LiuGong Parts: We offer a wide range of LiuGong parts with a production base in Stalowa Wola, which significantly contributes to the Polish construction machinery market. Our LiuGong spare parts are the choice for those looking for reliability and efficiency, supported by local expertise and innovation. 


Komatsu Spare Parts: In our offer, you will also find spare parts for Komatsu, a global leader in the production of heavy equipment. Komatsu parts guarantee the highest quality and reliability, which is crucial in every construction and mining project. 


Caterpillar (CAT) Parts: We offer parts for Caterpillar (CAT) machines, a global leader in the production of heavy construction and mining equipment. CAT parts are a guarantee of performance and durability, essential in every work environment. 


Volvo Spare Parts: We also supply parts for Volvo machines, which combine innovation with eco-friendly solutions. Volvo parts are an excellent choice for efficiency and advanced technology in the construction machinery industry. 

Bijak GB

Bijak GB is your trusted supplier of replacement parts across a variety of categories, synergizing with recognized brands such as International Harvester, Dresser, HSW, Dressta, currently distributed by LiuGong Machinery Poland. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of machine parts and solutions that have been created to meet your individual requirements and to ensure efficient and stable operation of your heavy machinery.

Our Spare Parts Offer

Our offer is more than just spare parts. It's a guarantee of reliability and performance for Your equipment. Get in touch with us to learn more about the full range of available products and their prices.


  • Chains, Drive Wheels, and Tensioners - For power transmission. 
  • Rollers and Support Rollers - For smooth movement. 
  • Tracks and Track Plates - Maximum traction. 
  • Differentials - Precise control. 
  • Pins, Bushings, and Blades - Durability and efficiency. 
  • Gearboxes - Key for power transmission. 
  • Engines - Power for your machine. 
  • Torque Converters - Optimization of power transfer.


  • Brake and Cooling System - For safety and efficient cooling.
  • Electrical System - Reliability of electrical functions.
  • Gearboxes - Reliable power transmission.
  • Engines - The heart of your machine, providing strength.
  • Axles - Key for traction and stability.
  • Cab - Operator comfort and safety.
  • Guards and Blades - Protection and performance.

Pipe Layers

  • Drive Wheels and Tensioners - Providing optimal tension and traction for chains.
  • Transport Rollers - For easy and safe movement of pipes at the installation site.
  • Pins and Bushings - Ensuring smooth movement and long-lasting performance of components.
  • Engines and Gearboxes - Strong and efficient, ensuring operational reliability.
  • Hydraulic Systems - Key for precise lifting, lowering, and manipulation of pipes.

Parts for Dressta/HSW/Komatsu Dozers

  Discover the variety of spare parts designed to keep your heavy equipment in top condition. Our parts for bulldozers are built to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring durability and productivity for your machinery.

Dressta TD-7 Parts

• TD-7H Parts

 Dressta TD-8 Parts
• TD-8H Parts
• TD-8M Parts

Dressta TD-9 Parts

• TD-9H Parts
• TD-9M Parts
• TD-9R Parts

Dressta TD-10 Parts

TD-10M Parts
• TD-10R Parts

Dressta TD-15 Parts
• TD-15E Parts
• TD-15H Parts
• TD-15M Parts

• TD-15R Parts

Dressta TD-20 Parts

• TD-20G Parts
• TD-20H Parts
• TD-20M Parts
• TD-20R Parts

Dressta TD-25 Parts
• TD-25G Parts
• TD-25H Parts
• TD-25M Parts
• TD-25R Parts

Dressta TD-40 Parts
• TD-40B Parts
• TD-40C Parts
• TD-40E Parts
• TD-40R Parts

Parts for Dressta/HSW/Komatsu Loaders

  Discover our extensive range of spare parts. Whether you need key components for maintenance or want to improve the performance of your wheel loader, our selection of parts guarantees reliability and efficiency for your machinery.

HSW L-34 Parts
• L-34B Parts

HSW L-510 Parts
• L-510C Parts

HSW L-520 Parts
• L-520E Parts

Dressta L-530 Parts
• L-530E Parts

HSW L-534 Parts
• L-534C Parts

• L-534E Parts

HSW L-540 Parts
• L-540 Parts

HSW L-555 Parts
• L-555B Parts

HSW Ł-560 Parts
• L-560B Parts

• L-560C Parts

• L-560E Parts

Parts Dressta/HSW/Komatsu Pipe Layers

  We offer a comprehensive range of spare parts, tailored to the specific needs of this specialized machinery. Our parts are designed to maintain the precision and functionality of your pipe layer, allowing for effective and reliable project execution.

HSW TD-25CS Parts
• TD-25CS Parts

• TD-25CS-3 Parts

Dressta SB-30 Parts
• SB-30M Parts

Dressta SB-60 Parts
• SB-60 Parts

Dressta SB-85 Parts
• SB-85 Parts

Reconditioning Dressta/HSW/Komatsu

This is an economical and ecological solution for those seeking reliable components for their equipment. Each part has undergone a thorough restoration process, in which it has been returned to a condition equivalent to a new part in terms of performance and reliability.



Torque Converters


Machines for Sale

Discover our offer of used machines, carefully inspected and maintained to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. These used machines provide a cost-effective solution for various construction needs, allowing you to achieve your goals without compromising on reliability. Trust our knowledge to provide you with reliable used machinery that will help you complete the work.

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